Is Digital For You?

The covid-19 pandemic has pushed many of us to think and behave differently.  Beyond the financial challenges the pandemic created for the experience economy, it arguably gave a push towards digital output as a way to keep in touch with audiences and as a mechanism to keep creating when in-person restrictions prevented us from doing so.

What does digital mean?

Essentially a re-imagining of your outputs to incorporate or utilise a digital technology –how you do this, is up by you – the digital world is your oyster! Before you start your journey, it is useful to think through how digital content will fit day to day into your organisation, its ethos and culture, as well as how it might service your existing (and potentially new) audience.

‘Going digital’ could be anything from developing a simple website, creating a social media presence to incorporating digital sound and vision elements into an in-person experience.  It could be about delivering something on a large scale or highly digitally focused; perhaps creating an entire production or interaction specifically for an on-line audience or livestreaming an in-person event. It could be about creating a virtual tour of your location or using augmented reality as part of an instillation or experience, or perhaps even creating a whole event staged in the metaverse. Confused? Take a look at some examples of digital experience from the UK and beyond here or get to grips with the language here.

Having a digital presence for your organisation could help build your audience reach, attract a different or new market and build resilience for your organisation.  When thinking about whether digital is for you, there are a couple of things to consider;

Digital is not Free
There is always a need for budget when beginning a new digital venture.  Even when you have your creation up and running there are often ongoing costs to be considered.  Find out about budgeting your project here  or thinking about how to monetise your content here.

New Skills
Digital might need new or different skills and you may not have all the capabilities needed to deliver your vision in-house.  Find out what to consider when looking for project partners here or perhaps look for training and support to build your own skill sets here.