DREEm: Resources

DREEmDigital, Regeneration and Experience Economy modelling is a mixed-methods research project, which has resulted in a number of Resources including:

A DREEm: Paper co-authored by Joseph B Pine: The Experience Economy, is a term coined by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore (1997), and encompasses as the name suggests, the sale of memorable experiences to consumers. The co-authored paper considers the Experience Economy from specifically a UK perspective, and in the light of the pandemic.

The DREEm: Report, Appendices and Glossary were developed in close consultation with creative, cultural, digital and tourism organisations (public, private and third sector) from across the UK.

The Report sets out a variety of innovative digital strategies, informed and implemented by Experience Economy organisations across the UK, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Report analyses the impact of these strategies on economic, social and cultural wellbeing of consumers, communities and businesses, and reviews digital strategies, offerings and policy interventions implemented locally, regionally and nationally.

The Report evaluates the extent to which these strategies have supported recovery and resilience among Experience Economy organisations, and provides key policy recommendations that may support and advance the UK Experience Economy moving forward, ensuring it will thrive into the future.

DREEm: Resources also include:

DREEm: Dashboard

DREEm: Compendium

DREEm: Production Case Studies

DREEm: Production Guide