DREEm: Dashboard

Following covid-19, the UK Experience economy dashboard  aims to support those working in related policy development, including Planners, Destination Management Organisations, Local Authority’s and anyone with an interest in the health of the UK Experience Economy regionally and nationally.

How does the Dashboard work?

The interactive UK map shows the relative overall health of the primary experience economy via a colour coded indicator.  Read about the methodology in the DREEm project report or here.

A full list of SIC codes that make up the experience economy can be found here.

The map provides information about the experience economy in the region that is clicked on.  The UK Experience economy dashboard indicates:

  • the significance of experience economy companies as a percentage of all economic activity
  • how many people are employed in experience economy businesses
  • the total turnover of experience economy organisations
  • information illustrating data trends
  • the sector specific position
  • regional comparisons

Please note all the data used in the dashboard is drawn from Companies House or other government statistics (data sources are labelled within the dashboard).