UK Experience Economy Dashboard

Welcome to the UK Experience Economy Dashboard.

This resource is aimed at anyone who works in experience economy policy development – it is for  Planners, Destination Management Organisations, Local Authority’s and anyone that has an interest in the health of the experience economy* regionally or nationally.

*The experience economy describes the range of organisations offering entertainment, arts, culture and hospitality to the pubic – this might include for example, theatre & dance companies, game developers, museums, visitor attractions and arts galleries.


A full list of SIC codes that make up the experience economy can be found here.

How does the Dashboard work ?

The UK map shows the relative overall health of the primary experience economy via a colour coded indicator.  The ‘health check’ indicator was developed as part of the DREEm project and you can read about our methodology in our project report.

The map is interactive and by clicking on a specific region, you can view information about the experience economy in that area including, the significance of experience economy companies as a percentage of all economic activity, how many people are employed in experience economy businesses and the total turnover of experience economy organisations.  You can also view information illustrating data trends and how your selected area compares to others in the geographic location.

If you wish to, you can also choose to view sector specific health check indicators using the filters below.

All of the data used in the dashboard is drawn from Companies House or other government statistics (data sources are labelled within the dashboard).

Click here to view the dashboard