Research Team

Prof Jane Harris

Principal Investigator

Jane is Director of Research and Innovation at UAL (Stratford) and Principle Investigator of DREEm. Jane’s expertise covers design, creative industries, XR, post-production, textile/costume and performance.

Dr Rebecca Hawkins


Rebecca is Managing Director of RHP Ltd and Co-Investigator of DREEm. Rebecca’s expertise covers the visitor economy, tourism product development, regeneration, business advisory and placemaking.

Dr Thomas Bashford-Rogers


Tom is a Senior Lecturer in Games Technology at University of the West of England and Co-Investigator of DREEm. Tom’s expertise covers computer sciences, modelling, machine learning, computer graphics and games.

Stephan Whelan

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Stephen is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at DREEm. Stephen’s expertise covers film and digital production, emerging technologies, XR, advertising, marketing and brand strategy.

Dr Francesco Mazzarella

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Francesco is Research Fellow in Fashion and Design for Social Change at London College of Fashion. Francesco’s expertise covers design, sustainability, socio-economic regeneration and place-making.

Dr Victoria Young

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Victoria is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at DREEm. Victoria’s expertise covers audiences, cultural policy, museums & galleries, brand communications and AI.

Dr James Harvey

Project Manager

James is Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Manager at London College of Fashion and the DREEm Project Manager. James’s expertise covers film and screen media, spectatorship, social engagement and political aesthetics.