Armchair journeys – Artful journeys

Artful Journeys is a US based travel business offering worldwide travel centred around art, music, culture and food for single travellers and groups. In addition to physical tours, the business offers virtual experiences called ‘armchair journeys’ which were launched in 2020 as a result of covid restrictions. Users could take part in discussions on art and creativity topics (similar to those that form part of the in-person itinerary). Experiences are accessed via Zoom and during 2020, included yoga, concerts, guided walks, photography and Art & Museums. The virtual experience offer continued into 2021, presenting customers with a choice of Italian language courses and a series of creative topic meetings and discussions.

  • Links
  • Organisation
    Artful Journeys
  • Nature of Content
    Visitor destination (Overseas), Museum, Gallery, Music, Language
  • Distribution Mechanism
    Conferencing soft wear - Zoom
  • Monetisation Strategy
    One-off payment
  • Geographic Area
    USA (European broadcast locations)