ActiveBallet is a subscription based Ballet fitness and training service offered and created by the English National Ballet. Available via an App for mobile devices or via a PC / TV web access, this video-on-demand provision offers users a library of pre-recorded workouts and ballet and/or Yoga based training and strength exercises which can be undertaken in a smaller physical space but also includes classes aimed at professional dancers. The ActiveBallet product is part of the ENB at home branding to monitise video-on-demand provision from the the English National Ballet. As a seprate service, ENB at home uses can access Ballet performances and documentries on a pay-per-title basis (entiteld Ballet on demand), providing access to the chosen title for 3 days.

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  • Organisation
    English National Ballet (ENB)
  • Nature of Content
    Dance, Fitness
  • Distribution Mechanism
    App, Custom web experience
  • Monetisation Strategy
    Subscription, One-off payment
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