Beamish Museum

Beamish Museum located in County Durham is an open air / living museum showing the history of the North-east at different periods of time. Like other Museums, Covid restrictions closed the attraction and in response, the museum created a dedicated page on its website called ‘ Discover Beamish Museum at Home! The page included a number of YouTube videos showcasing some elements of the Beamish experience and alongside the webpages, the Museum continued to be active on its social media pages. Beamish also pivoted some of its events during the closure to maintain profile and generate an income, for example: Over the Christmas period of 2020, visitors were able to book an exclusive video call with Farther Christmas from the Museum Grotto. Facilitated through video conferencing software, guests were able to ‘meet’ and chat with Father Christmas for 10 minuets at a cost of £20. The event sold out. The bakery at Beamish also continued to operate during the lockdown period offering home deliveries of cream teas and cakes.