Camp at Home

Camp at Home was the branding given to a range of on-line workshops and courses, at the Arts Residences business, Camp. Normally offering residential courses and experiences at its venue in the Pyrenees, the business pivoted during 2020 to provide on-line courses to respond to the covid restrictions. Customers were offered a free on-line course if they booked an in-person course during 2020 and additional spaces were available to purchase at around £269 each. Courses offered a mix of digital resources including live workshops, tutoring and a library of multimedia support information. During 2021, in-person activities resumed but the on-line offer was continued – although scaled back from the previous year.

  • Links
  • Organisation
  • Nature of Content
    Art, Film, Photography, Music, Audio, Digital art (AR & VR)
  • Distribution Mechanism
    Custom web experience, Video Conferencing software
  • Monetisation Strategy
    One-off payment
  • Geographic Area
    The Pyrenees, France