Monster Hero Safari / Highstreet Safari

Monster Hero Safari 2020 is an app created by a CIC (Community Interest Company) which aimed to drive footfall to UK highstreets following the UK covid lockdown and to raise finance for the NHS, Charities Together. The organisation offered free access to the walking tour packs for the first 110 locations which signed up. A ‘safari pack’ could be purchased for £150 and facilitated the purchaser / lead sponsor (typically a local council or retail consortium / network) to create a trail. The experience works by utilising contactless NFC technology and QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything (apart from a QR app for their phone if they choose). The experience or ‘safari’ consisted of 10 vinyl window characters, monster superheroes with embedded NFC tags which were placed or hosted in shops and venues of a town centre or destination (typically independent and charity retailers, museums, cultural and public venues). Players could then begin the trail at a ‘start poster’ by tapping or scanning (with a QR scan app) which will download the game and request the £2 donation. Users then try to spot the stickers at various locations in order to reveal the stories, names and powers by tapping each character’s belly. When all 10 stickers have been found and the user can access an e-book about the characters.

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  • Organisation
    020 Monster Hero Safari Community Interest Company
  • Nature of Content
    Visitor destination (UK), Immersive
  • Distribution Mechanism
    Custom web experience, QR reader
  • Monetisation Strategy
    One-off payment, Free
  • Geographic Area