National Theatre at Home

In April 2020 a PR and content campaign branded ‘National Theatre at Home’ was launched. It offered the public (and would-be patrons) a series of live filmed past performances from the National Theatre (London), available on its dedicated YouTube channel and a micro-site from its existing website. The performances were available free of charge but for a limited time only. In addition to filmed performances, the website and YouTube channel hosted a series of quizzes – each presented by a number of famous individuals and were heavily publicised across the theatres social media platforms. Although free, viewers and participants were encouraged to make a donation during the theatre closure period. The ‘at home’ brand continued beyond 2020 Covid restrictions and offer recorded live performance and film on a subscription payment basis.

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  • Organisation
    The National Theatre
  • Nature of Content
  • Distribution Mechanism
    YouTube, Subscription arts channel, Custom web experience
  • Monetisation Strategy
    Free, Subscription payment, including digital membership
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