Templecraft was a digital arts project Commissioned by Artichoke and The Space (Arts charities). It recreated a version of one of American Artist, David Best’s Temples in Minecraft. David Best is known for creating large timber temple structures (which are set on fire and burnt) at the Burning Man festival and in 2015 was commissioned to produce a work in Londonderry, taking 2 years to build by local volunteers. The templecraft project bought together digital artist, Adam Clarke and Minecraft design studio -BlockWorks to build a version of it in Minecraft. The Temple was mapped onto a representation of the city of Derry, Londonderry and Minecraft players were then invited to explore the structure online and leave messages, mementos or objects inside its walls. Like the real life version, the Minecraft version of the Temple was also ceremonially ‘burned’ – the event taking place online on Saturday 21st March 2015.