The England Originals app

The England Originals is a free to use, travel app offering users an 3D model (called Tabletop Tours) of 16 historic UK destinations, a directory of hospitality businesses & attractions and when in-destination, offers access to AR content. The tabletop tours element is aimed at audience’s who are planning their visit of the relevant destinations and allows users to place a 3D model of each city on a surface using augmented reality. For each destination, audio and illustrations are also used to describe the human history behind some of the most important products in each destination with the aim of encouraging users to explore and spark an interest in going to the places identified during their visit. When users are in-destination, augmented reality ‘portals’ gives them access to places otherwise off-limits or inaccessible (such as locked rooms, exclusive city views or locations outside of the city centre they may be interested in visiting). These ‘virtual doorways’ are accessible in selected parts of each city and act as an immersive way to add value to the visit experience.