Visit Faroe Islands – Virtual tours & Visit from home

The Destination Management Organisation (DMO), Visit Faroe Islands, offered virtual tours of the islands during the 2020 Covid restrictions. During 2020 the Islands were closed to tourists and between April 15th and June 17th, Twenty-two virtual tours were offered. Those lucky enough to have booked a virtual tour were able to visit the Islands via a livestream tour provided by local residents equipped with a live video camera. Virtual tourists were able to instruct their tour guide, via an app, to where they wanted to go. Visitors were also able to select their mode of transport for the virtual tour, choosing between a horse, helicopter or simply by walking. The Visit Faroe website includes a page called ‘ Visit the Faroe Islands from Home’. This area offers visitors, links to experience music and art of the island as well as access to recipes and Knitting pattens – all with the aim of introducing the Culture of the islands to prospective in-person tourists.